Giordano Bruno | Salona 44

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Boat Details

Built: 2010
Length: 13.5 m
Cabins: 4
Category: Sailing yacht
Manufacturer: AD Boats
Beds: 10
Toilet: 2
Engine: 1 x Yanmar (55)
Model: Salona 44

Boat Description

Giordano Bruno had a libertarian spirit and was a typical representative of anti-scholastic Renaissance philosophy. Bruno’s inspiration had a strong influence on the development of contemporary symbolism and lyrical poetry.

While sailing on our Salona 44 ''Giordano Bruno'' you will have time and space to sit back, relax, think about all mysteries of the universe and maybe come up with some new philosophical ideas.
Salona 44 is a sailboat built with quality beyond the ordinary with a bright modern interior, an open stern that makes it easy to get ashore, and is a perfect bathing platform. Just a fun place for children, the cabin and space under the deck are enough to spend a carefree sailing holiday.

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